Sports Business Climate

We have developed the SPORTHEADS sports business climate as an indicator for the economic development of the sports business. Since the beginning of the corona crisis in April 2020, we are conducting a monthly survey on the business climate for executives in the sports business.

  • Business Situation
    Still negative assessment with -5%-points, even if positive tendencies give cause for hope
  • Business Expectation
    Expectations for the next 6 months are significantly more positive at +34 %-points
  • Mean Value trend
    The current business climate in the 3rd quarter 2020 is still in positive range with +15 %-points

Current Survey

To participate in our current survey on the sports business climate, simply click on the participation button! If you’re interested in comprehensive results or a personal consultation, please leave your contact details at the end of the survey. We will then contact you personally!

Sports Business Climate

Business Situation

0 %-Points
3.Quarter 2020

Mean Value Trend

+ 0 %-Points
3.Quarter 2020

Business Expectation

+ 0 %-Points
3.Quarter 2020


Coverage Area



The survey approaches managers in the sports business

Type of Survey

(Computer Assisted Web Interviews)

Survey Period

Quarterly survey always at the end of a quarter

Reports (Global)

In Progress

Reports (German)

4. Wave 3. Quarter 2020

3. Wave July 2020

2. Wave June 2020

1. Wave May 2020

Initial Wave April 2020

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