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Neue digitale Lösungen betreffen jeden Bereich Ihres Unternehmens und haben vielfältige Auswirkungen auf Produkte und Geschäftsmodelle. Die hohe Dynamik der digitalen Innovationen erfordert eine fortwährende Analyse und Anpassungsfähigkeit.


In Zeiten dynamischer Veränderungen kann schnell der Blick für das Ganze verloren gehen. Die Ausrichtung des unternehmerischen Kompasses ist für die Wahrnehmung von Chancen und das Erkennen von Risiken unerlässlich.


Der „War for Talents“ hat auch das Sportbusiness erreicht. Das Recruiting und das Management des Personals erfordert ein aktives Personalmanagement um den steigenden Anforderungen von Mitarbeitern, Kunden aber auch Partnern gerecht zu werden.


Nur wer neben Strukturen und Prozessen auch die Kultur der Zusammenarbeit im Unternehmen weiterentwickelt, wird in einem volatilen, komplexen und ambivalenten Umfeld langfristig erfolgreich sein können.


Neue Märkte erobern Sie am besten mit neuen Ideen. Veränderungen im Wettbewerbsumfeld eröffnen neue Möglichkeiten für Sie – und Ihre Wettbewerber.


Die Disruption bestehender Businessmodelle ist getrieben von technologischen Entwicklungen. In diesem dynamischen Umfeld die relevanten Trends und Innovationen rechtzeitig zu erkennen und auch Perspektiven für deren Nutzung zu entwickeln wird überlebenswichtig.


Business Intelligence

Strategy and Growth

Successful leadership requires goals and a strategy to achieve them. We help our clients to leverage their strengths and seize opportunities. We evaluate strategic options and develop suitable business models and plans for you.

M & A

Investors and capital markets continue to drive the successful development of companies, the financing of technology leaps or the development of new markets. We support you on both the buyer and seller sides: from investor search to market due diligence.

Research & Studies

We stand for innovation and relevance for your decisions. SPORTHEADS supplies the market with its own studies such as the "Fanmonitor", "Salary Benchmarking" and "Sport Professionals" as well as with the entire range of methods of a modern research company.

Digital Strategies

The dynamics of digital innovation require continuous analysis and evaluation, as well as high an agile and adaptable organization or team. We support you in digital transformation processes of IT, structures, processes and products.

Marketing & Sponsoring Strategies

The marketing of sporting events, testimonials, clubs and associations faces major challenges. Digitalisation and packaging of content and rights require new evaluation methods. On the basis of sound research results, SPORTHEADS offers an analysis of the target groups and evaluation of prices across all touch points in sponsoring.

Fan data and CRM

We help clubs, leagues and organisations to use the special emotional bond of fans in sport responsibly and meaningfully. We develop successful client data strategies for our clients and help them select the right CRM systems.

People Intelligence

Executive Search & Recruiting

With our proven search processes and our Sport DNA, we quickly and confidentially identify the best candidate for you. Our added value as industry insiders is based on our market know-how, our unique database in sport and fast access to decision makers and experts.

Salary Benchmarking

With our salary database and regular studies, we offer our clients support with salary benchmarks for budget processes and employee appraisals, as well as for structural changes in the structure or restructuring of the organization.

Organizational Consulting

With an individual analysis and various benchmarks we find the suitable structure and team strength for your organization. We take into account your budgets and requirements, as well as your corporate goals, competitive environment and corporate culture.

Management Audit

We analyze the potentials and goals of your executives, measure the performance of individual management levels and work with you on a management strategy. A comparison of your perception of yourself and others is just as much a part of the analysis as a transparent inventory of the competencies, abilities and goals of your management team.

Strategic Personnel Consulting

The high volatility of the sports business often makes long-term, reliable personnel planning difficult. We support you in adapting to possible changes at an early stage, planning foreseeable changes in future personnel requirements and developing your employees in a targeted manner.

Interim Management

We place Interim Managers who will advance your company within a period of 3 to 24 months with their many years of highly relevant professional experience. They can be used to impart external knowledge and know-how, to create professional structures, to close short-term capacity bottlenecks and not to do without valuable specialists and executives in case of uncertain business development.

About Us

We are an owner-managed agency specialised in Strategy & HR Consulting in the sports business.

Our sports DNA is based on more than 100 years of sports business experience of our four partners.
Our unique combination of Strategy & HR Consulting offers managers and specialists solutions for relevant challenges in commercial as well as sports performance fields.

We are determined to raise the success of strategic and HR decisions significantly.
Our approach is based on our sports business know-how, our extensive SPORTHEADS personnel database, own studies and market analyses and our confidential and cooperative style of collaboration.

Great heads need great strategies! And great strategies need great heads! 


Dr. Marcus Hochhaus

Managing Partner

Marcus Hochhaus has many years of relevant experience from responsible positions in the media and sports industry. His training includes positions at universities in Bielefeld, Tübingen and Berlin, two semesters abroad in New Zealand and at the Ludwigsburg Film Academy. He holds a doctorate in European film economics and is a lecturer at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Munich. At SPORTHEADS he advises sports companies in the areas of human resources, strategy and market and media research.

  • +49 172 7699 006

Marc Mayer-Vorfelder

Managing Partner

Marc Mayer-Vorfelder founded the HR consultancy Mayer-Vorfelder SPORTHEADS in 2014 and since then has supported clients in the sports business in personnel matters. Previously, the graduate in business administration (University of Bayreuth) held several positions in marketing and sports sponsoring at HypoVereinsbank and UniCredit. In addition to his excellent contacts in sports and his sound knowledge in the sports business, he also contributes as a systemic coach to support clients from the sports industry in their career planning.

  • +49 172 7106 228

Marcel Cordes

Managing Partner

Marcel Cordes is a graduate sports scientist and expert in the field of research and consulting. Before joining SPORTHEADS as Managing Director, he was a member of the board of SPORT+MARKT, President Europe Repucom, Managing Director setone and General Manager Europe of the Interpublic Group agency FUTURES Sport&Entertainment. As Managing Partner at SPORTHEADS, he is responsible for research and data-supported strategy consulting and supports sports groups and companies in their growth strategies.

  • +49 172 776 71 99

Wolfgang Holzhäuser


Wolfgang Holzhäuser has shaped German professional football for over four decades. In his long career he has held leading positions at the German Football Association (DFB), the German Football League (DFL) and Bayer 04 Leverkusen. This makes Holzhäuser one of the most experienced managers in German sport and an intimate connoisseur of the football scene. Holzhäuser is a trained wholesale merchant and studied business administration. As a partner at SPORTHEADS, he advises clients from the sports industry in the areas of personnel, strategy and organisation.

  • +49 89 200 609 20


Johannes Jäger


  • +49 176 326 086 65

Torben Melzig


  • +49 151 200 609 20

Advisory Board

Arnd Benninghoff

CEO bei MTGx Ventures

Max Lehmann

Director HR Sixt Leasing SE

Wolfgang Niersbach

Ehemaliger Präsident des DFB

Dr. Michael Vesper

Ehemaliger Vorstandsvorsitzender des DOSB

Bernd Wahler

Ehemaliger Präsident des VfB Stuttgart



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80333 Munich

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