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What our customers say...

Robert Bruck, Managing Director at Deutsche Golf Sport GmbH, and Simon Papendorf, Managing Director at Deutscher Tennis Bund e.V., talk about the commercialization of sports associations and the relevance of transparent figures, data, facts and studies for sponsors in the podcast "Marketing in the association environment & its special features in various sports" with Stephan Westermann.

Further topics of this podcast:

  • Which environments have to be considered for both, Golf and Tennis federations?
  • What relevance do the sponsoring measures / revenues have for the association?
  • What environments need to be considered for both associations?
  • What are the roles of external marketing agencies?
  • How is the competitive situation between top associations and clubs organized?
  • Why is it necessary to generate real added value for the respective target group and the athlete?
  • Which figures, data, facts and studies are interesting and what is the role of transparent data handling in building long-term partnerships?
  • What role does SPORTHEADS' FanLab play in this?

Robert Bruck stated, among other things, that "Of course, the [sports association] also has to work data-based (…) in order to somehow inspire economic partners with it," according to the Managing Director of Deutsche Golf Sport GmbH. He equally emphasized, "Where we all immediately agree is that the topic of sports marketing only works seriously from our perspective if you work in a data-based way."


To ensure that this data-based work can be done and classic insights about the target group can be generated, he not only relies on accessible studies. A few years ago, his organization said: "We also need a quick insight into our target group, so we set up a golfer panel with SPORTHEADS, where we have around 1,500 golfers who we can survey at any time on an ad hoc basis."


This enables the association to not believe "this or that" during discussions at board meetings or in decision making processes. Rather, through the GolferLab of SPORTHEADS, they can say, "Okay, before we go on believing now, let's just put this question in our Golfer Panel." Within 10 days at the latest, they can continue to work on the question in a data-based and informed way, "without commissioning large studies. This flexibility has helped us a lot to develop products, to develop an understanding for the golfers [...], but also to check a measure with one or the other business partner in individual cases or to clarify whether we are on the right track."


Simon Papendorf added, "I can only agree [...] What you describe, we also do." Because, as an active golfer he is part of the Golfer Panel, he got to know this approach and decided for himself: "Ok, this is exactly what I would like to have at the DTB." Consequently, he has launched the TennisLab together with SPORTHEADS. This puts him and the DTB into the position not only to realize the large basic studies, that had been planned, but also get instant results on special topics (e.g. currently padel) as well as it enables ad-hoc research and quickly generates valid data via the panel.


Furthermore, the association around Simon Papendorf using the TennisLab also to gather general information about the golfers and their clubs, courses, trainers, volunteers, etc. Finally, The Deutsche Golf Sport GmbH is also using the GolfLab to record the general atmosphere and modds within the golfing community, identify trends in golf and evaluate live events.


Das FanLab von SPORTHEADS ist dementsprechend vielseitig einsetzbar. Sie haben auch Interesse an einer individuellen, benutzerfreundlichen und schnellen Marktforschungsplattform? Treten Sie direkt mit unseren Managing Partner Marcel Cordes (cordes@sportheads.de) directly. For more information on FanLab, please visit the tab FanLab.


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