Report: PGA Business Day at the Golf Club Würzburg

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Report: PGA Business Day at the Golf Club Würzburg

Working together: Cooperation between golf clubs and pros

At the PGA Business Day at the Golf Club Würzburg on May 16, 2023, our Managing Partner Dr. Marcus Hochhaus was happy to give an impulse lecture on the topic of "How can golf clubs and teaching professionals achieve more together?" to more than 20 participants. Experience shows that the interaction between the professionals and the clubs / facility operators does not always work optimally. His advice: "When tensions arise: Respectful communication at eye level, defining common goals and an eye for the other person's point of view." Because golf clubs always have satisfied and loyal members when the overall product offered, "golf," is attractive and consistent. This also includes a relaxed, harmonious atmosphere. Kariem Baraka, President of the PGA of Germany, also says: "The overall golf experience is decisive for the customer."


The success and therefore also the economically sound basis of a golf resort can benefit from good cooperation. According to the motto - Only those who know what makes the other tick can understand how he acts - our expert Marcus Hochhaus advises "Try to change the perspective and put yourself in your partner's place on the golf resort. What goals does he have? What expectations. And then discuss about mutual goals and expectations and agree on a common solution or joint acitivites."


According to Baraka, the overall impression of members or green fee guests is shaped not only by the condition of the greens and fairways, but also by the friendliness and competence in the secretary's office, the quality of the golf school and the food in the restaurant. "The fact that the individual areas are often not in one hand, that the restaurant is leased out or that the golf school is run by a professional who works independently, is usually not even known to the member, and ultimately he or she doesn't care at all. The quality of the overall package and the service must be high, only then will members remain loyal to the club and the sport," says Baraka. The club conveys the golf lifestyle best when the people who work on the golf course also have fun and feel good. This is the only way to create a feel-good atmosphere for the customer, which is supported by a professional and high-quality offering.