Digitization of market and media research

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Research, Consulting


Professional clubs, leagues, associations, sponsors


The FanLab as a new instrument for sports market research


Development and introduction of the FanLab as a new instrument for regular surveys of fans. Optimization of dialog, service and offers on the basis of valid decision-making with current data. Direct feedback on issues such as product development, sponsor integration, brand development and image, attitudes and opinions, pricing, etc.

  • Representative market data from the Fanmonitor baseline study, etc.
  • Stratification and segmentation of target groups
  • Definition of target panels and sizes for selected characteristics
  • Conception and implementation of the panel structure in the collector phase
  • One-time, DSGVO-compliant collection of master data
  • Technical operation, help desk and project management
  • Methodological consulting and support of the continuous surveys
  • Evaluations, analysis and results in customer design within 24-48 hours