SPORTHEADS spotlight: Employee management in the Corona crisis

You are currently viewing SPORTHEADS Blickpunkt: Mitarbeiterführung in der Corona-Krise

The Corona crisis is reaching all areas of work of many companies within a very short time. Companies and organizations in the sports business and their employees are also affected to a large extent. They are giving a lot of thought to how they can react correctly. Managers play a special role in this. They often have to act on several fronts in parallel. They have to motivate, control, inform, and manage at the same time, while still remaining sovereign. Two tools can provide valuable support here: Online employee surveys and Online-Workshops can help your company and managers adapt to the needs of employees and thus better manage the crisis.

Interviews with employees have long been part of everyday business life - if you don't have a Online-Tool for this purpose or would like to use a new one, we can offer you our survey tool.

You can conduct multiple waves of surveys, e.g., a monthly survey or a survey during the acute crisis phase and one acute crisis phase and a survey after the crisis.

Sie können mehrere Befragungswellen durchführen, z.B. ein monatliches Stimmungsbild aufnehmen oder eine Befragung während der akuten Krisenphase und eine Befragung nach der Krise.

The results are available to authorized persons anytime and anywhere in real time. This enables a quick reaction to trends.

The anonymity of the participants is guaranteed and participation is voluntary. This is not the only reason why a high acceptance can be expected.

In addition, we would also like to support you, Video conferencing targeted for leadership topics. We can provide you with the Preparation, implementation and follow-up of Online workshops offer, for example, on the following topics:

  • "Virtual Leadership: What to Consider. An Overview." (For executives)
  • "Tension between self-control and employee control". (For executives)
  • "Together through difficult phases" (For a manager and his team)

We would like to offer you the possibility of a 2-hour workshop on one of the listed topics free of charge.