SPORTHEADS Spotlight: Implications for CSR after the Corona Crisis

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Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, many clubs, associations and fans have shown social commitment and offered concrete assistance. This idealistic, material, and often also moral support This idealistic, material and often also moral support suggests a new, social solidarity.

Post-Corona scenarios show that the behavior and values of society could and values of society could change permanently, and the world will be a different crisis will be a different one. Against this background, current or planned or planned CSR measures in sports should be put to the test and realigned. be realigned.

Die erwarteten Veränderungen nach der Corona-Krise umfassen eine Vielzahl von gesellschaftlichen Bereichen. Die Krise wird als kollektive Erinnerung noch lange nachwirken, so wie Olympia ‘72 oder die Sonntagsfahrverbote vor 50 Jahren.

Future scenarios

The Deceleration by contact blocks and the cancellation of virtually all sporting and cultural events has abruptly emptied all private calendars. Everything that used to fill everyday life is missing. It seems to be time again for a more respectful interaction with each other, for music and books. Humanity and humor lead to imaginative forms of social engagement.

However, the restrictions in public, professional and social life also lead to a Digitization push: improvising in the home office is transitioning to practiced time management in the mobile office. Digital entertainment benefits across all channels: streaming platforms and eSports are booming in a time without live sports.

An opposite development is foreseeable in communications: the always-on, multi-platform mentality is experiencing an Refocus. Self-presentation and marketing via social media seems to have fallen out of time, and discussions about fake news and filter bubbles have almost fallen silent. People are reachable again and long-distance phone calls are in vogue.

The loss of control and the Insecurity by the crisis situation are also causing confidence in technology to decline. The technology hype seems to have slowed down for the time being, and human-social intelligence has proven its worth in the crisis compared to artificial intelligence.

Disrupted supply chains lead to de-globalization through regional production and a new a new appreciation of craftsmanship. Forced traffic calming in cities and downsized production, Co2 emissions will probably fall for the first time in 2020. fall.

And And finally, the voices of Generation Z, which were only hesitantly heard in the course of the Generation Z are being given new weight. The young are also protecting the old in the Corona times. A new deal between the generations seems necessary and possible.

New options for action for CSR

Should If these scenarios occur in this or a similar way, the importance of CSR will grow, but also the playing field for measures will grow significantly. Social social responsibility and sustainability will become an important pillar of corporate become an important pillar of corporate strategy, because it will become more important for fans, users and customers will become more important.

In the wake of the In the course of the crisis, many CSR measures are currently being launched from and for the sports sector. We help you to further develop these measures in a targeted manner and SPORTHEADS CSR Framework to organize.

But we believe that, at the end of the day, CSR should and must be economically self-sustaining. and must. Only then is CSR itself (economically) sustainable and does not run the risk of being and does not run the risk of being called into question from a cost perspective.